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Youth Bee A Beekeeper Program

The Utah County Beekeepers Association is proud to implement our Bee A Beekeeper program
and we hope that this program will enable new, young beekeepers to successfully join our culture
and keep bees and experience the joy that is beekeeping.

There are two parts to our program. Both are intended to help new beekeepers gain an education
and "bee" successful. 

Program 1 - Sponsor a Hive

Every year, we would like to sponsor hives for new beekeepers. This program is open to students ages 8 to 18 enrolled in public, private or home schools.

The student will keep the colony, tools and other items and will provide a reports to the association via the newsletter on their progress. We will continue to support them for the first year and then they can become members of the association on their own; we would hope that they can then help with other "newbees' in the same program.

Application Process:  Interested participants need to email the completed application to the Utah County Beekeepers Association ( according to the deadline information in the application.

The application period is January 1 - midnight January 31.
Any application received after midnight January 31 will not be considered.

Program 2 - College Scholarship

Each year, we would like to award a scholarship to a High School student (Junior or Senior) to use towards their college needs. There will be an application process that will include, at the minimum, an essay on an aspect of beekeeping. We would like to target a $500 scholarship for this year and grow it every year.

The intent of this program is increase the awareness of our association and the benefits we provide to our community. We will use this award to get our name in the education process and we will also put articles in the trade magazines to help generate interest in the Bee a Beekeeper program as well as our association. It is our hope that this program is successful; we believe we can increase the public's awareness of the importance of beekeeping as well as generating interest in beekeeping in a new generation. Please support the program by participating in events and spreading the word.

Application Process:  Pending