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Health and the Honeybee
by Charles Mraz 

This interesting little book (87 pages) documents one man's mission to spread information about the benefits of bee venom therapy (BVT). Mr. Mraz covers the basics of how to, why, when, where etc in the use of BVT for various auto-immune diseases such as arthritis and MS.

Part autobiography, the book chronicles Mr. Mraz's discovery of BVT use and his experiences that allowed him to overcome his skepticism about the affectivity of BVT. So strong is his belief in BVT that he has practiced "stinging", stinging people for their health for over 60 years.

I found the book to be very interesting to read and I have put numerous sticky notes on pages for reference. I have already had interested parties contact me for BVT or apitherpy, for the diseases listed. Having read the book has enabled me to answer those questions intelligently.

If you have an interest in BVT, I strongly recommend this book as Mr. Mraz is considered a forefather in BVT (although it has been around for thousands of years!) and the charts inside the book help to understand where to sting. There is also a section in the book on BVT and cancer and he does explain why if BVT is so beneficial, no pharmacutical company is marketing it currently.

The book is relatively cheap and I found it at, a website about BVT.

reviewed by Neil Shelley