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Candles that Earn
Creating and Operating Your Own Successful Candle Business by Don Olsen

This is a wonderful book about starting a candle business. The first chapter talks about having a saleable product, legal aspects, and a business plan. Next, chapter 2 talks about finding a "niche" in the market and further explores starting your own business.

The book takes you step by step thru marketing options, promoting your business to the pricing and packaging of the candles. The book contains a history of candle making and contains a list of resources for the entrepreneur.

It also offers many good tips along the way for uses of wax. Examples:
*To keep snow from sticking to your shovel, rub the shovel with a candle stump or piece of wax beforehand.
*Sticking drawers can be remedied by waxing the edges of the drawers with a piece of wax.
*Here's a good use for the stubby ends of candles. Cut them in half-inch pieces and use them to start a fire in the outdoor grill."

This book could be a great resource to anyone starting any kind or business.

 Review provided by Kim Hammond