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The Classroom
by Jerry Hayes

 This book is an encapsulation of all of the classroom discussion featured in American Bee Journal. This is a monthly segment in which readers can submit their questions regarding any aspect of the beekeeping culture and have them answered by an expert. Questions range from rank beginner to extremely technical.

The book is loosely organized by subject matter although the distinctions are not as clear as one would hope. The beginner beekeeper will probably find the information helpful although I noticed that some of the answers are outdated or there is more current information available to further supplement the answer given. The intermediate to advanced beekeeper will probably struggle through the book in an attempt to find information in the detail needed
as there are a large number of "beginner" questions that pertain to very basic information. I personally found myself skipping 75% of the questions/answers.

If you are a beginner beekeeper looking for a book that has the same questions that you may have and the answers in plain English, then this may be the book for you. If you are an intermediate to advanced beekeeper, this book might be worth purchasing although there are more current books out there that will provide the information needed in a more user friendly format.

reviewed by Neil Shelley

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