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This service is provided by the Utah County Beekeepers Association for its due paying members.

Company/Seller Image
Company/Seller Name
Local supplier located in Grantsville. Also sells honey. Contact Jason Waite at

Harvest Lane Honey
Grantsville Ut. 84029
Office #435.840.0495
Fax #435.884.5032

Visit website at or email for more information.


Eco Bee Box's Hive Armor includes corner brackets, locking clips, and frame rests, for traditional hive replacements and the innovative Eco Bee Box. We have optional materials, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic and compressed materials. Developed and created in Utah by one of our members. Corners & frame rest supports can be placed on an existing box for strength, new box or can used recycled local materials. Easy to build and repair. Lumber unable to warp once assembled.

Call Albert Chubak at 801-654-9700, email at, or order online at

Native Bees
Kaysville, UT
Begin your own pollinating Mason Bee population for less than $100! sells Utah-origin mason bees and supplies for increased fruit pollination and Mason Bee management.  Native Bees also offers discourses or lectures on the subject of Native Beekeeping. For more information, call or email
3 Bee Queens
Orem, UT 84057
3 Bee Queens is a Utah county based operation.
Locally raised queens from Utah survivor stock crossed with VSH lines. We work hard to provide the hobbyist beekeeper with essential tools and equipment. .
Backyard Beekeepers

Kevin Cook will be bringing 3lb honeybee packages from C. F. Koehnen and Sons (Cordovan Italian or Carniolan). Please email:
or phone, 801-623-0230 (please leave a message). Your phone call will be returned as soon as possible.


Brother B's

Local supplier of hives and other wooden ware, tools, clothing, and feed supplements.  Located in Eagle Mtn, Utah.  Will deliver to monthly UCBA meetings. 

Contact: Steve
Phone: 801-362-3515.
Subject line:
Local supplier of bees and beekeeping equipment, located in central/northern Utah. Visit website at or email to for more information.

Hansen Hives & Honey Co. is a locally owned, family-run business that provides professional beekeeping services. Soon we will bring our quality honey products to the market. We work to educate the general public about the fascinating honeybee and our website provides a place for beekeepers to network.



Embracing all Beekeepers and Methodologies for the Advancement and Understanding of our Culture